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2010 NVIDIA Best Achievement Award Contest at BSC

A jury composed of researchers from BSC/UPC, University of Illinois and NVIDIA decided after a very close vote that the winner of the 2010's Best Achievement Award Contest is Diego Caballero, Master student at UPC and Research Student at Barcelona Supercomputing Center, in the Computer Sciences Department. Diego chose the “Coulombic Potential” challenge, took the initial CUDA code given to the participants, and optimized it to obtain an impressive 350x speed-up.

The prize for the contest winner was a Fermi C2050 GPU kindly donated by NVIDIA. Diego received it at a ceremony from the hands of BSC's director Mateo Valero, together with a certificate and the recognition of his peers. Diego, soon after winning the contest, joined the GPU research team at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, and is now actively doing research in accelerators and programming models for HPC.

Diego Caballero says that the PUMPS 2010 Summer School offered him the opportunity to highly improve his skills and knowledge in this field. He also adds that he “found the course indispensable if you are really interested in GPGPUs because the lectures that Wen-mei Hwu and David Kirk offered us were of that kind of thing that you can not learn from books. I want to thank NVIDIA and Barcelona Supercomputing Center, specially to Nacho Navarro, for organizing an event of this quality in my country. I hope to attend the next one and it is certainly something to recommend for everybody”.

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