PUMPS 2014 Application Request Form

Please fill in and submit this form to apply to the 2014 Barcelona Computing Week.

  • Number of attendees is limited due to classes and labs capacity. We will try to accommodate a reasonable number. Please send your registration soon in order to get a prompt response and a guaranteed seat. Let us know if some circumstance prevents you from attending, so others can get in.
  • The summer school is oriented towards advanced programming and optimizations, and thus previous experience in basic GPGPU programming will be considered in the selection process. We will also consider the current parallel applications and numerical methods you are familiar with, and the specific optimizations you would like to discuss.
  • Registration for the course is free. We expect our sponsors will cover academic applicants' marginal expenses such as meals. Applicants from non-academic institutions (companies) , please contact us at bcw2014@bcw.ac.upc.edu) for sponsorship possibilities.
  • We have booked a number of rooms at the Torre Girona residence hall for PUMPS attendees, please let us know if you would be interested.
  • We would like to promote participation and interaction during the course. Based on the participants' interest, we may hold a poster session for researchers to present their work.
  • It is mandatory to provide your institution's email address. Applications providing email addresses from free web services such as Hotmail will not be considered. If your institution has not provided you with an email address, please contact us
  • Fields marked with * are required
  • You will get an application confirmation mail soon and the final decision will be communicated as soon as possible.
My Contact Information
My Intended Plan
About Me
Release of Information to Participants

We are planning a closed Intranet for the school attendees in order to share with the other participants and instructors: your name, email, institution, status, attending track(s) and a picture.

Submit your application

Clicking 'Submit' should redirect you to a Thank You page. If you are not redirected, please review your application for missing items.


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