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 +====== @@Name and Surname@@ , @@Organization (my university, company)@@ ======
 +Name: @@Name and Surname@@ \\
 +Organization:​ @@Organization (my university, company)@@ \\
 +Department: @@Department,​ school or division@@ \\
 +Email: @@E-Mail address@@ \\
 +Address: @@Street address@@ \\
 +City: @@Zip code, city@@ \\
 +Country: @@Country@@ \\
 +Gender: @@Male/​Female@@ \\
 +Citizenship:​ @@Citizenship (or passport country)@@ \\
 +Food restriction:​ @@Food restrictions@@ \\
 +Status: @@I am applying as a (student, postdoc, faculty, researcher, company)@@ \\
 +Advisor/PI: @@My advisor, teacher or Principal Investigator@@ \\
 +Web: [[ @@Personal or group/​institution web page@@ ]] \\
 +Research: @@My current research topic or occupation@@ \\
 +Expertise: @@My previous experience in CUDA or GPGPU programming. We expect you have a basic knowledge of CUDA when attending the summer school@@ \\
 +Applications:​ @@Current parallel applications and numerical methods I am familiar with. At least something like: Numerical static solution of the Navier-Stokes equation using sparse matrices@@ \\
 +Interest: @@My interest in this summer school@@ \\
 +Clinics: @@We will have special clinic sessions during the course. In them the teachers will provide help and give advice regarding CUDA applications you are currently using or developing. If you are interested, describe the applications you would like to discuss@@\\
 +Presenting poster: @@I am interested in presenting a poster in the poster session@@ \\
 +Interested in RESA: @@I am interested in staying at the Torre Girona residence hall@@ \\
 +Heard about us: @@How did you find out about the PUMPS Summer School? (Announcement emails, PRACE Network, HiPEAC, previous editions)@@ \\
 +Agreement to share: @@I agree to share my information on the class intranet@@ \\
 +Picture: [[ @@URL of (or a page with) my picture@@ ]] \\
 +Application status: pending
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